The Space Race

Main Events, Importance, How it Paralleled to the Cold War

What was it?

The Space Race was the competition between the Americans and the Soviets to explore outer space. It was important because it marked new history, it showed United States' and the Soviet Union's competitive side, and it impacted the cold war hugely. The Soviets and the Americans pushed new technologies trying desperately to be the first to put a man in space, in orbit with the Earth, and even on the moon.

How the Space Race Paralleled to the Cold War


The Cold War and the Space Race both showed strong tensions between the Soviets and the Americans, they both consisted of indirect wars, and they both ended with the United States defeating the Soviet Union. During the Cold War, both the United States’ and the Soviet Union’s governments began to build up their weapons and technologies. The technologies were used for nuclear power and to explore outer space. Although Neither side broke into battle, they still competed to be on the top. However, the Americans seemed to be the ones who pulled out the wins in both circumstances.