Unequal Pay In Aldine

Same Work-Different Pay

What's REALLY Going On?

The data is in!

Teachers in the district are being paid differently, although they have the same years experience, and same degree.


There are 11 teachers with 0 years experience who make well over the published $50,000 a year starting salary.

One 0 yrs bachelor teacher is making $94,524 RIGHT NOW! Three 0 yrs bachelor teachers are making $63,979 ... $64,449...$65,722 RIGHT NOW!

The most experienced bachelor teacher of 37 years makes $81, 734.

The most experienced master teacher of 38 years makes 90, 784.

There are 41 doctoral teachers, one with 11 yrs makes $78, 097. The most experienced doctoral teacher of 30 years makes $63,346.

How about that?! Clearly, something is wrong with this picture.

I have requested the data for all other employees as well. Please contact me if you wish to help organize the equal pay campaign.

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