Ms. Sylvestri's 1st Grade News

Kentucky Trail Elementary Summer School Newsletter


Summer School will be Out of This World!

Welcome to Miss Sylvestri's First Grade Summer School Classroom! I am very excited to be working with your students this summer and I know they will have a great time!

Students will have lessons in English Language Arts, Math, and Science each day. Students will also attend a Specials class daily, including P.E., Fine Arts (Music & Art), and Library. Each day students will have recess and thirty minutes in the computer lab to work on the ELA/Math program iReady.

Summer School Objectives

This summer students will be strengthening their English Language Arts, Math, and Science skills through a variety of learning activities. The summer school objectives include:


1. Asking and answering questions about key details

2. Writing opinion pieces

3. Retelling stories

4. Recognizing letters and high-frequency words

5. Basic reading skills

6. Handwriting


1. Number Sense

2. Counting in both oral and written forms

3. Addition and subtraction

4. Basic geometry skills


1. The Solar System: the Planets, the Moon, the Sun, Day/Night, and the Stars

2. Seasons

Cambridge Elementary Book Fair

There will be a Book Fair at Cambridge Elementary the week of June 15 -- 18. The Book Fair hours are 8:30 - 2 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Wednesday, June 17, the Book Fair hours will be from 3:45 - 7 pm.

The books will be buy one, get one free! Be sure to stop by for some great summer reading!

Contact Information

Feel free to email me with questions you may have at

Students will be getting a head start for first grade in the fall! I am very excited to be working with your children this summer. Students will have fun while reinforcing concepts from kindergarten and learning new things to prepare for the fall school year.