Devices and such


The use of satirical devices to exaggerate a point or make fun of something
An example of a satirical television show is family guy
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The school safe version

Hello I recently did something that I am very ashamed of and told myself I would never do I switched over from an android to iPhone and this is not going to be some sort of witty tech commentary video this gets a lot deeper than that. I always told myself that iPhones were terrible. I wanted to be different I didn't want to conform But I really recently held one of them. For the first time I really felt one and took it in for all at once and in that moment I realized all I really wanted is to be happy. And when you hold an iPhone it really makes you feel like the iPhone wants you to be happy. Whoever made this cares about me and wants me to feel pretty. And Androids feel like they just slapped a bunch of stuff together and they're like eh figure something out call your parents. IPhones are just so clean and beautiful it's like that time you go to that one friends house and it's so perfect you're just like shut up with that bedspread and Androids are like that one really gross kid from high schools bedroom that’s just like full of half empty Redbull cans and every surface is covered with plates with just a little bit of dried spaghetti on them. And iPhones just make you look beautiful. The first time you take a picture of yourself with an iPhone is an illuminating experience. Honestly I don't care how much you hate yourself. How disgustingly ugly you think you are If you turn on the iPhone front camera and hold that phone away from your face at least 10 inches in a well lit room you are literally Beyoncé. And it makes you skinnier. If you take a picture of yourself an iPhone it takes 40 pounds off of your face. You take a “Selfie” with an android it goes through an automatic filter that puts an actual piece of garbage on your face. Listen why do you think you see so many people walking around with iPhones with completely shattered screen because it's worth it! If you marry Ryan Gosling you're not going to call it quits just because he fell down and is in a wheelchair now. Android are like that really annoying kid who takes ap classes and thinks he’s super cool but smells like Cheetos. IPhones are like that beautiful girl with the softest lips you've ever seen. Is she a horrible person probably. Can she rock the heck out of a cardigan you bet she can. And now when I see someone with an android I'm just annoyed. I'm just like okay we get it your alternative now get over here with the rest of us. It's kind of like when someone in America isn't fat it’s just like okay quit being annoying come on no one is looking. And now I'm started with this iPhone elitism thing. You know how you can tell someone doesn't have an iPhone because we need text them it says text message instead of Imessage and it's green instead of blue? Oh man when that happens I am so embarrassingly condescending towards those people. Like Hi green bubble this must be a mistake I meant to text message when of my hip cool peers. My finger must of slipped and I'm now communicating with my grandmother Agnes. Are you sure you're getting these messages on your cingular wireless Nokia? Listen the only reason people use Apple products is because we're all going to die very very soon and sometimes the only way to forget that inevitable fact is a crisp piece of aluminium and plastic. And I'm pretty sure that a lot of people had to suffer for this phone to be made. They actually had to install suicide nets at the iPhone factories in Taiwan because too many of the workers were killing themselves. But hey that doesn't mean that by baby isn't beautiful. Because guess what America is not a place where we take information into consideration. We hear something terrible we go “oh no!” then we go right back to playing Flappy Bird. Apple products are pretty it's that simple. The devices are pretty, the boxes are pretty when you wipe your hand across that screen of your iPhone and you feel like you have a soul again and you are reinvented and you feel pretty these things are our beautiful beautiful sweethearts. And the most important thing is that they are perfect. And they are without a doubt the only perfect thing and are incredibly sad empty sometimes chaotic always confusing and imperfect lives. Now that's denial

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Cartoon 1

They are satirizing the fact that children are replacing precious material, like a teddy bear, with technology.
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Cartoon 2

This is satirizing that professional sport players are making a lot more money than educators.
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Cartoon 3

This cartoon is satirizing student stress by using a famous statue called the thinker.