Cell Races

Do you know your cells?

Cell Race - Cell Unit


The first player to cross the finish line to win the race.


  • 5 cars
  • 30 question cards
  • Game board
  • 1 die


Put the cards in the "CARD" place and keep the easy and hard cards separated. Then pick one of the 5 cars and line them up at the start line.

Any extra game pieces set the off to the side.

Place the two sets of cards face down.

Roll the dice and who ever rolls the highest number goes first.


Choose which way you want to go long way with easy questions or short way with hard questions.

Roll the die and get a card. Answer

If you get a question right move the amount of spaces it tells you. If you get it wrong do not move.

If you get a question wrong next to a pit stop you go into the pit stop and your turn will be skipped.

If you land on acceleration congratulations, you get to move four extra spaces.

If two of the cars land on the same spot that is a car crash and you have to start back at the very beginning.

If you land on under caution you miss a turn.


Take the longer way. : )