Colors of an Interview

Overall Color

Black, Grey and Blue coats all have their place and it can show inexperience if you do not understand simple dressing rules. In general:

  • Black is used in creativity and selling jobs
  • Grey is used in common office work
  • Blue is the ultimate safe choice and can be worn for almost any occasion

Advantages of Black

  • Represents Authority
  • Commands Attention

Advantages of Grey

  • Less Distracting
  • Shows Sophistication

Advantages of Blue

  • Someone who is in control
  • shows confidence and calmness
  • Universal purposes
  • Most common for job interviews


The socks of an outfit should always match the pants.
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Although many guys try to buy socks that are stylish, if they do not match the outfit they will stick out like a sore thumb


The shoes of an outfit should be the same color as the belt. Coordinating the shoes and the belt can dramatically increase your appearance
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  • Ties should contrast the dress shirt
  • Black Ties are preferred in a formal setting


  • Dress Coats and Vests should always have the bottom button undone.
  • The only exception to this rule is if the wearer is deceased.