Harlene's Birthday!!

Monday, March 9

You are the best!

Lene, you possess so many great qualities that I don't even know where to start. You are the person that ties us together. You are the comforter and the healer. Sully says you are also the smartest of us ;) Whether that's true or not, doesn't matter (lol) because what matters is how you make others feel and Lene, you are absolutely a ray of sunshine everywhere you go!

We support you 100%

Whatever you decide to do in the near future, we support you completely. (I'll work on ma) lol. Move forward into adulthood with the understanding that you will always have us behind you. We love you unconditionally through ups and downs. Thank you for spending your birthday with us!

Happy Birthday Lene-skis!!!

Hopefully we'll see you again soon!


You're big sis