Rippon Counseling Semester Update

What's new in Rippon's Counseling Department World?

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Hey Parents and Teachers! Let's catch up!

It's hard to believe that we are nearing the end of Semester 1 (End of January). The Counseling Department has been steadily working through a variety of classroom lessons throughout the grade levels. It's been a super busy Fall season and as Winter comes into blossom, so do our students. Here's what has been happening and what we look forward to...

Mr. Berquist celebrates with our High Achievers! Quarter 1 Honor Roll Celebration 2017!

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Who are the Ambassadors for Change? "Help us to help your student".

What is our anti-bullying program at Rippon??

Changes in our school environment begin with our students. That is why we created the Ambassadors for Change anti-bullying program. This program focuses on leadership skills and character development!

Based on this national trend, and also the heartbreaking suicides that we have had in the past couple of years within our own county, we have brought to life the Ambassadors for Change program. This is a home-grown program established last year.

What do the Ambassadors for Change do?

  • The Ambassadors for Change have one goal: To spread an anti-bullying message every month.

  • We have adopted a character development program by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

  • Ms. Rapcavage and Ms. Hernandez went to the training in October and they loved the program!

"The program offers students the opportunity to explore core American values exemplified by true American heroes.”

What are these core values that you speak of?


We developed a calendar to study a core value each month, until the month of May.

The videos are inspiring and AMAZING!! The videos were created by the foundation to have living histories of the Medal of Honor recipients.

Please click on the link to go the Medal of Honor Foundation Website. We want our families to speak to their students about the core values that we want all of our students to develop over the next year.

We are committed to help make a change in our school, in our surrounding communities, and to stir a change in our students!

Here is the link to the Medal of Honor Foundation! Parents, Check it out! You can look at multiple videos, find out more about the foundation, and look at their Character Development curriculum.

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6th Grade News! How safe are your students online??

Ms. Rapcavage and Ms. Canada just completed an internet safety presentation, Pause Before You Post, in all 6th grade classes. We used a lesson from the NetSmartz Workshop, a program of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Please visit for more information about cyber safety. There is a great section for parents full of tips, resources, and discussion starters.

The lesson focused on:

  • How posting something inappropriate online can have negative consequences at home and at school.

  • How quickly information you share can be spread.

  • Once you post something online, you can’t take it back. (posts can be easily forwarded or a screen shot taken)

  • What kind of personal information is NOT OK to post publicly. (home address, phone number, passwords, your current location, email address)

  • Why we all need to work together to stop cyberbullying.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Justice Statistics and Cyberbullying Research Center, 52 % of students reported being cyber bullied. Over 50% of students did not tell their parents when cyberbullying occurred.

What to do if you get an unwanted request from someone.

Together with an adult visit to report anyone who:

• Sends adult pictures or videos.

• Asks you to send pictures of yourself.

• Talks to you about adult things.

• Asks to meet you in person.

Being safe online is a team effort! Lessons in school and conversations at home are necessary to help teens safely navigate the online world. As mentioned above, the website, is an excellent place to start.

Ms. Rapcavage and Ms. Canada will be back in classrooms in February. This lesson will be an introduction to Career Clusters.

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When do Report Cards and Interim come home??? Parents, let's mark those calendars!

Here are the dates for the year when you should be expecting a report card or interim to come home! All report cards and interims are given to your child/children on a specific county set date. They are given to the students during their Core 1/Homeroom time.

Report Cards and Interims come home on:

Interim 2- Dec. 20

Quarter 2- Feb 6

Interim 3- march 13

Quarter 3 - April 25

Interim 4- May 18

Quarter 4--gets mailed home on June 20.

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Let's talk attendance! Friendly Reminders...

Parents, please be sure to send in a note after your child/children have been out sick. We know that this flu season is really knocking us out! If your student is chronically tardy to school, it also affects their class grade. We want our students to come to school on time. Bring in a doctor's note whenever your student is out for more than 2 days. Stay healthy! We miss them when they are not in school.
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We see it in the news, and hear all of the stories, but have you had a good conversation with your son or daughter about this topic?

It's all over the media, and our students can pick up any newspaper or online article and read about the effects of sexual harassment. Although there is a lot of information out there to expose your student, what better way to bond and guide your young one. Young people are bombarded with so much information, but this lesson is better taught with parents and guardians at the helm.

In 7th grade, students will be participating in a Sexual Harassment class. This class will most likely take place in Feb/March.

However, we really need your help in talking to your student (Daily) on what constitutes inappropriate verbal and physical exchanges, among their peers.

Your student is not too young to learn the lessons on appropriate and inappropriate touching.

We want all of our students to feel safe. This important conversation should start at home, rather than start with a discipline referral.