Aurora Frontier P-8 Staff Bulletin

March 21, 2016

What is happening at Frontier:

  • 3/23-Grade Level Meetings for Late Start
  • 3/23-PTO/Accountability-2:45pm
  • 3/24-Justin Zuccarelli's Birthday
  • 3/24-Talent Show Rehearsal at 2:45 in the cafeteria
  • 3/24-Kinder/1st Grade Concert at 7:00pm in the Gym
  • 3/25-Talent Show in the Gym at 1:00pm

Weekly Student Announcements are available

Next Week:

  • March 28-April 2-Spring Break!-Enjoy your time off with family!
  • March 30-Beth Cederberg's birthday!

Week of April 3-9-After Spring Break:

  • 4/4-READ Act Conferences
  • 4/4-Staff Meeting at 2:45 in the Media Center
  • 4/6-Whole Staff Meeting for Late Start in the Media Center
  • 4/7-EELT Meeting at 2:45
  • 4/8-Middle School Formal in the gym at 6:00pm
  • 4/9-Gwynn Moore's birthday
  • 4/10-Paris Sherman's birthday

Cari's Corner

Here we are the week before Spring break,this week is an important week for us as we can show our students how to SOAR. We all know that students tend to get a bit anxious before breaks. Please be sure to be out in the hallways as students tend to make better choices when adults are around. I found this on Twitter, it makes me think about what is motivating for our students. Let's make sure that our students feel motivated this week .

Have a great week,


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Shout Out ...

Way to go Linda for your support with PARCC!

Nice team work Kurt for checking in with the 8th grade!

Justin, thanks for restarting tests!!

NICE JOB Celi for making sure that we are ready each day for PARCC testing and to all the staff for being so flexible with all the test hiccups!

District Announcements

Board of Education Newsletter: Check out the most recent Board of Education Newsletter online.

Copy Machine Open House: The contract on our current Xerox copy machines is coming up this summer, and the district is hosting an open house with several different copier manufacturers. All staff are invited to come and test out the machines that will be used to replace them! Come be the district's voice and help determine the copiers that will be used for the next 5 years! The open house will take place on Friday, March 25 from 9:00 am -3:00 pm at the PLCC in Mt. Elbert. Please contact Mary Kirschmer at EXt. 28234 with any questions.

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Community Partners' Announcements

School Supply Kits for Kids - Edukit

Introducing EduKit. Aurora Frontier P-8 has partnered with EduKit for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year to provide our parents with a simple and convenient option for purchasing school supplies.

Sometimes gathering the correct teaching supplies and making sure each student has what you'd like for them the first day of class can be stressful, time-consuming, and just a complete headache. Let your Community Partners and Edukit help you next year! Edukit creates customized school supplies kits with help from you that EXACTLY match the school supply list for your class!

It’s that simple. Your needs are met when every student has their school supplies kits containing just what they need on the first day of class. Customized Edukits eliminate the hassle of shopping at busy school supplies stores by delivering exactly what each student needs to be ready for the first day of class.

This is where we need help from all K-8 Teachers! In order for us to develop an exact list for the school supplies kits for every grade and allow us to get information out to our parents before the end of the year, could we please get a copy of each grade's school supply lists for the 2016-2017 school year no later than Friday, April 8th.

We are so excited to work with all of our amazing teachers this year to offer this easy to use option to all our Frontier parents and students!

Please note: Although ordering through Edukit makes shopping simple and easy for parents, participation in the program is completely voluntary for our families!

Please do not hesitate to let Brandi or Shelly know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support and all you do for Aurora Frontier! - Brandi & Shelly

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We are in need of people to work the boys soccer games. If interested please let Ron or Thomas know.

Professional Learning

This week we will be meeting with our grade level teams.

"20 Strategies for Motivating Reluctant Learners"

"How Harnessing the Positive Side of Stress Can Change Students' Mindsets"

Staff Announcements

PARCC testing for March 21st-March 24th

3rd & 5th grade testing on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Middle School Schedule for March 25-Talent Show

5th & 6th grade:

Specials: 7:45-8:25

Block 1: 8:25-9:25

Block 2: 9:25-10:25

Block 3: 10:25-11:25

Block 4: 11:25-12:20

Lunch: 12:20-12:55

Block 4: 12:55-1:00

Assembly: 1:00- 2:20

Back to block 4 for dismissal

7th & 8th grade:

Block 1: 7:45-8:25

Specials: 8:25-9:00

Block 1: 9:00-9:25

Block 2: 9:25-10:25

Block 3: 10:25-11:25

Block 4: 11:25-12:00

Lunch 12:00-12:35

Block 4: 12:20-1:00

Assembly: 1:00- 2:20

Back to block 4 for dismissal

PTO Announcements

The PTO/Accountability meeting for this month will be Wednesday, March 23rd, starting at 2:45p.m. We hope you'll join us!! *Please note the time change for this meeting.

King Soopers Re-loadable Gift Cards ~

Aurora Frontier is now partnering with King Soopers to help raise money for Aurora Frontier! This fundraiser couldn’t be easier and is EZ Money! Purchase a re-loadable gift card for $5.00 from Brandi Mabry or Shelly White and receive a card with $5.00 on it. Go to King Soopers and do your grocery and household shopping. Then just remember to reload your gift card on a separate transaction before your cashier begins scanning your groceries. Pay for your groceries every time you shop at King Soopers! Purchase your groceries and/or gas with your gift card you just loaded with the appropriate amount and save your gift card to reload and use the next time you buy groceries! It’s that easy! Pick one up for your friends and family to use and Aurora Frontier P-8 benefits! Each time Aurora Frontier P-8 gift card purchases reach $5,000 or more worth of groceries (as a group), King Soopers will donate 5% back to Aurora Frontier PTO!

This fundraiser runs all year; there is no stop date!

Staff Member Grant~

The Aurora Frontier P-8 PTO invites you to participate in the Staff Member Grant Program. PTO allocates funds for staff members to purchase items which will promote innovative teaching, improve curriculum, and enhance student life at Aurora Frontier P-8. Grant requests may be for projects, activities, books, field trips, equipment, etc. that enhance the academic lives of our students.

Grant request should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the monthly PTO meeting you wish to ask for funds and a staff representative must be present during such meeting.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this grant form.

Have a great week! - Aurora Frontier P-8 PTO


As a reminder... if you have a struggling student, or, would like for someone to walk you through the MTSS Behavior process, please contact a committee member: Megan A. Weaver, Kari Santos, Kurt F. Graff , Julie N. Wilson, Sarah Mabrey, Charmaine Clark, Thad Mccauley, Amy Bradac, Natalie Guenther, Christina Whitted, Erin Boyle, Caleb Tucker, Cheryl Rebik. Thank you!

Dean's Box

Duty this week- Stacy, Candy, Celi, Jordan, Lisa, Rebeca C., Lauren V., Dacia, Krisi, Jodi, Justin, Joclyn, Rebeca W., and Amy.
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Please note the media center lab will be used for MS 7/8 Classes on Monday 3/21 and Tuesday 3/22 from 8:35-9:20. ELD and Kinder Pals may use the Library Lab areas until 8:30 a.m. Thank you.


Care and Responsible use of Chromebooks----Teacher PLEASE follow up with students putting away chromebooks from testing OR classroom use. I am finding many chromebooks not plugged in ready for charging and the cords dangling and getting pinched by the doors when they close. Adapters are expensive to replace from pinched cords and if someone needs to use the chromebooks after your use, if they are not plugged in, the next user suffers if the chromebooks aren't charged ready to go. I know it is hectic during testing, and I come around to double check as a courtesy. So if everyone helps students understand the responsibility of using technology we will have the chromebooks in great condition for a long time to come. Remember if you are using chromebooks for classroom use (not testing) you should have a system for knowing which students are using which chromebook. Thank you!

Sunday, in placed the chromebooks for testing for 3rd & 5th grades, made sure they were plugged in and chromebooks were charging. Please note that there are enough computers for the students testing in the communities, so sharing chromebooks in the carts is a must. The easiest way to do this is teachers before testing, grab the needed extras and place them on top of the cart you are using and then replacing the chromebooks after testing in the carts to charge for the afternoon session.

I will be around to classrooms this week to double check inventory. The district was out last week to track down several items that were not found in October. I will visit testing classrooms(grades 3 & 5) after school.

Equity in Learning Leadership Team

Please check in with your team regarding status for next years ELLT.


Meeting, Monday 14th. No items were brought forward.

Next meeting: April 11 @ 2:45pm