Bosnia I Hercegovina

Land of my ancestors.

Dads side of family.

My dads name is Hasko Beganovic. He is from Velika Kladusa. His family lives near the city of Bihac. My dads family owns a farm. His brothers names are Sefkija, arif, Eno, and my dad.His sisters names are Najda, and Arifa. His dads name is Sefik and his moms name is Fatma. They came to America 1998. Was a cook at resturants. That's my dads side of the family.
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Moms side of the family.

My moms family city is Tuzla. She has one brother. His name is Mersudin. My moms dad and mothers name is Muhammed, and Mershia. My mom was new to America. She came 1999. She worked as a cashier. That's my moms side of family.
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Land of my ancestors.

My ancestors were from Velika Kladusha and Tuzla. My dads side is from Velika kladusha. My moms side of the family is from Tuzla. These are popular cities, except Velika Kladusha. All of my ancestors owned a farm, those are the land of my ancestors.

Bosnia I Herzegovina and religon

Bosnia is in the continent of Europe. Bosnia is surrounded by Croatia, and Serbia and Montenegro. Bosnia's capital is Sarajevo.The languages are serbian,bosniain and croatian. The religon is orthodox christian, muslim, and roman catholic.

Government and curenccy

My countries government used to be a communist. Which means it used to have a government. There is a three person presidency. Their president is Zivko Budimir. The old government fell in 1989. The head of the government is Vjekoslav Bevanda. The currency is euro's.


Our language spoken in Bosnia is bosnian. That and croatian. The last one is serbian. These are five words that I know. Ne means no. Volim te means love you. Kako sie means how are you. Chow means bye. Sta radis means what are you.


There is regular school and jamija. Sometimes you cant go to school because there poor or you have to watch cattle . You might not go to school for a long time beacause of chores.


My favorite food is cheese pita. One of the foods are burek. The other one is cheese pita. The other one is sarma. The other one is grah. The last one is cevapi. Those are the foods that I like and the ones that are most popular. Thats the food.
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The industries

The most popular industry is steel. The other one is vehicle assembly. The other one is textiles and tobacco products. There is iron and coal. The last one is logging. Those are the most popular industries.

Fun facts and weather

The sports that we play in my country is soccer or football as we call it. The other two sports are basketball and hand soccer. The war started at 1992 and ended at 1995. There are still 500,000 landmines left from the war. Our transportation is cars or bikes. Our land is mostly woods and there are still stray dogs from the war. Our weather is very cold winters and hot summers.