Warm up

  • Chat with someone who you have not talked to yet today and walk them through your digital portfolio.
  • Show them some of your favorite tools/pages
  • Identify (if anything) pages you need to polish for Friday

Animoto video options

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To the rubric

Pick your path

  • Collecting images from copyright free resources
  • Keep a list of citations to put in your digital portfolio write up if the images are not taken from Animoto.
  • Identify a song to play during your video
  • Your video
  • Think about how you want to organize your video by storyboarding

Sites to find copyright free images

Look at what is coming up in #educ204toi

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Exit ticket

Choose 1:

  • Q1 What did you enjoy about using @Animoto to create your video?
  • Q2 What did you find difficult about using @Animoto?
  • Q3 How can you use @Animoto in your future classroom?
  • Q4 What did you learn about yourself in regards to being a future educator today in class?
  • Q5 What is one takeaway from class?