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Dessau MS Library News: March 2022

Happy Women's Month!!

I don't know about y'all, but I've never been so grateful to make it to Spring Break in my life! But I couldn't let the month of March march on by without acknowledging HERstory. Check out this light-weight but celebratory newsletter celebrating women, leaders and trailblazers. There are a couple of resources tucked in there for good measure....and our Spades Tournament Sign-up & Rules are explained in detail! :)
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Trusting Your V.I.B.E.

I've often advocated for there being more than 5 senses, specifically one's 6th sense: intuition. It's that internal, gut feeling where you know what's going to happen next or why what's happening now happened. It's a non-verbal vibe. I love it when it happens to me, and know that I'm not the only one picking up on the vibes of the world. Hence my love for this intellectual acronym for analyzing multimedia platforms. Check out the graphic organizer here.
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Rules to the Spades Tournament

To celebrate the reading of Varian Johnson's Playing the Cards You're Dealt book, the library is hosting a tournament. This is for our 1st Spades Tournament Partners. You MUST sign up with a partner. That partner can either be an adult (parent/family member/teacher) and/or student (must attend Dessau MS). You will need to select an alternate partner in case your adult and/or friend is absent. On the sign-up sheet in the comments, please write the name of your alternate partner. Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. There is a $5 registration per team payable to the librarian, Ms. Darnell.

How Will the Tournament Proceed?

There will be 16 teams to begin the tournament. Each table will have 4 players (2 teams going against each other). There will be four, 30 minute rounds. You are to guess how many books you think you can make once all the cards have been dealt. The score keeper will write down your guesses. Several hands can be dealt during the round; however, the round will not exceed the time of 30 minutes so that we can end on time. "Hand" in this meaning is when all 52 cards are dealt to play the game.

The maximum points earned in each round is 250 points. Each book won counts for 10 points. There are 13 books to be made for each hand dealt. The rankings of highest spades will be High Joker, Low Joker, Ace of Spades followed by King, Queen (and so forth). No deuces high (#2 card). This will make more sense in the video below.

The winner from each round will progress ahead via the tournament brackets. The charge for "renigging" on projected books are 2 total books taken from your team and given to your competing team. Finally, there's absolutely no "talking the board," which means you can't hint, suggest or any way discuss how many books you can make or how each other plays the cards they're dealt. This is considered cheating. Again, it will make sense in the video.

Please send me all questions/concerns. The Spades Tournament will be held April 22, 2022 in the library from 3-5:30 pm.

The Prize

2 $50 Amazon Gift Cards

Bragging Rights


How To Play Spades for Beginners | Game Night How To

Cooking Club Meetings!

Our next STEM Cooking Club Meeting will be Tuesday, March 29, 2022 in the library. Please email Ms. Darnell (see bottom section for contact email) if you have any questions and/or you'd like to be included in our email list. Thus far, we've collected recipes, made our own spice blends, gourmet sandwiches and had a "Cookie Challenge." Coming up, Chef Harmon (from Connally HS) will be speaking to our students in April. Stay tuned for an announcement.

Dessau MS Library

The library is open daily from 8:00am-3:30pm. I take "C" lunch from 12:25-12:55, closing briefly for nourishment. Reserving the library can be made here. Please send students with a legitimate pass on their agenda from their classroom instructor (name, date/time of student & staff) and reason for visit.