Panim el Panim/Face to Face

Meet the Humans of Congregation Shaarei Kodesh

May 2017's Panim El Panim/Face to Face: Jews By Choice

Hear the Stories of our Members/Chaverim: Ashely Boxer and Sabrina Meiselman

Shavuot is the holiday when we celebrate the anniversary of the Torah being revealed to the Jewish people. Our tradition teaches us that all Jews, past, present, and future, were at Sinai. On Shavuot, we also read the book of Ruth who is called by many, the first 'convert' to Judaism. There is a famous connection between the holiday of Shavuot (which falls on the evening of May 30) and Jews by Choice.

Join us as I speak with two chaverim/members of our congregation, Ashley Boxer and Sabrina Meiselman, who happen to be Jews by Choice. Come and hear the stories of their journeys to Judaism and our congregation!

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Panim El Panim/Face to Face

In this series, members will have the opportunity to learn more about and connect with other members.

Rabbi Baum will interview one person per event in conjunction with a theme. The program will take place Saturdays immediately following Kiddush at 12 noon.

Panim El Panim/Face to Face

Saturday, May 27th, 12pm

19785 Hampton Drive

Boca Raton, FL

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