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Friday, September 15, 2017 - Volume 4

Natural Consequences

As our kids get older, one of the most important things for them to learn is that there are natural consequences for our actions. As adults, we know this. If I don't get to work on time, I may have a conversation with my boss. If I don't get a project done well and on time, I may get fired. But in schools, natural consequences look different.

If I don't get my homework done, what happens? If I don't study for a test, what is the consequence?

Our goal is that students learn those natural consequences, but to achieve that we guide our students through a gradual release. We want parents to check Home Access, more frequently at the start of the year, and less as they year progresses - and more in 6th grade than in 8th grade. We want there to be consequences at home when a child gets a poor grade because she does not do work or he does not study for a test.

We also want our kids to understand that there are consequences for their behavior. She may get a detention for throwing carrots at a friend in the cafeteria. He may get a suspension for being in a fight.

Sitting at the dinner table each night, it is important to talk to your kids about consequences. For example: What do you think will happen if you get a poor grade in middle school math? While you may be grounded at home, you will also probably be placed in a lower math in the next grade. But more importantly, you lose the knowledge you need, you will have gaps in understanding... you miss the opportunity to learn.

Consequences can be tough. But it is vital that you let your kids experience them on their own. It is a necessary part of the growing and maturing process.


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Infinity Students using the Google Jamboard

A busy week here at Wredling...

  • We had a group of students from our Infinity Program make a presentation to the D303 Board of Education using our new Google Jamboard. They learned to use this brand new piece of technology, even using their own lunch time, to create a collaborative presentation that was informative, and packed in some "Wow" factor!
  • A representative from Google came out this week and conducted training sessions on the Jamboard for our staff and the Infinity students. The staff learned the potential the Jamboard has to spark classroom collaboration while the students really brought a lot of enthusiasm and great questions for our presenter!
  • Many Clubs and Ensembles are now meeting! The hallways are a hive of activity before and after school. It is not too late to encourage your student to join a club as many are still accepting members! Click here for the Wredling Clubs & Activities list.
  • Some LA classes had an opportunity to visit the Genre Cafe and "taste" different books from several different genres, such as mystery, humor, etc. Our hope was to pique their interest in a genre that they may not have read before!

Student Council WANTS YOU!

Click here for the Student Council informational flyer.
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Are You Ready for the Color Run?

Have you built your team of 5 for the Color Run yet? Have you picked out your costumes? The messiest, most fun, PTO event is happening at 5:30 pm on the Wredling track on Thursday, October 5th. You must fill out your registration online at www.wredlingpto.org by next Friday, September 22nd. The pod with the most participants registered online by the deadline will win ice cream for everyone in their pod. Get your team together, get your costumes ready and fill out those forms online to be a part of the craziest way to kick off the school year! Don't be the only one to miss out!

Mr. Loversky is starting his very own Legends of Rock and Roll Team! Mrs. Lidman is considering her Harry Potter Team, and Mrs. Dague is thinking about her All LumberJacks-All The Time Team! What are you going to do?

Grab a few friends or a favorite teacher, some neighbors from the neighborhood- and join us in the COLOR RUN!!

Registration Fees On/Before Friday, September 22nd:

  • Wredling Student: $25
  • Adults: $30
  • Wredling Student Teams of Five: $100 or Family Team of Four or More: $100

After Friday, September 22nd, registration is available only in person, on the day of event, when fees increase by $10/person.

Need to register? Visit the Wredling PTO website for all the info and forms at www.wredlingpto.org

Any other questions contact Kate Bell at cheyennecairo@yahoo.com.

See you there!

Rotary 4 Literacy Book Fair

Like books? Shop on Sept. 30th and support the Rotary 4 Literacy Book Fair held In partnership with Barnes & Noble. Click here for more details. Get a jump on your holiday shopping!

From our Nurse's Office

It's that time of year again- Cover your Cough and help stop the spread of germs. It's always a good idea to review this information with your family as cold and flu season is upon us.