Community & Remembrance

term 3

Aborignal Language

language is extremely important to the aborignal peoples. language carry curtural knowlegde, so loss of a language means loss of culture, of aborignal people's connection to their ancestors.
the important thing about language and what it means is that language contains the essence of our ancestors, every word comes from place and idententifies people and links to the land, country the dreaming :they are all inherent in language, therefor it means the people, the land everthing "yolngu elder laurie baymarrwangga"

Abouriginal language

i think that if someone took away a language or australian language i would be very hard

to find a new language. it would be hard to speak or learn a new language. you wouldn't know what to do. it would be confusing and it would make you angry and sad you'll fell like nothing.

Abouriginal Photos