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A Perfect Gift for my Cousin!!

It has been a long time, I haven’t seen my dog. Yes! I have a dog and I love her. I treat her like my friend. Last year I adopted her from a friend of mine who is based in Florida. I have named my dog Reba. She just happens to be my best friend. Everyone loves Reba. My cousin Georgia, in particular, loves Reba. I still remember, one day while Georgia came to visit me, Reba was so happy to see her that she curled herself up in Georgia’s arms and fell asleep. Georgia was so overwhelmed that she wanted to keep Reba with her. I therefore gifted my dog as a token of love to her. It is because I love my cousin very much. Recently, I went to visit Georgia, to my surprise, I came to know that she loves Reba so much that she gave her a printed leash.

Now I can definitely admit that Reba has become super stylish. On being asked, Georgia told me that Reba can’t go anywhere without being complimented on the lovely accessories being put on her. To be honest, I am very happy to see Reba and Georgia so happy. The reason behind my gift to Georgia is my love and concern towards her. What to say about her. She is damn stylish as well as intelligent. One thing that she has shared with me is, she vape. Vape what? Vape e cigarettes and therefore I am thinking to gift her pack of e cigarettes on her birthday. Well, her birthday is on 18th September. I am quite excited. But I am really confused which brand to go for. Since some of my friends are using South Beach Smoke, I hope she would like it too. They are quite satisfied with the products offered by this brand.

I have been searching for trustworthy and unbiased electronic cigarette reviews and I am quite impressed with it. Only a few days are left for her birthday and I hope I get the best out of the several e cigarette brands present out there in the market.