John Cabot

By:Katie Zhou


Giovanni Caboto, also known as John Cabot, was an English, and Italian explorer and navigator. He had a childhood that inspired him into being an explorer. He also had a hard journeys, but was successful in at least one. With inspiration and courage and confidence, John Cabot was successful on one of his journeys.

Before Exploring

John Cabot was born in Genoa, Italy 1450. He moved to Venice, Italy when still a child. He spent his early life as a spice trader with Venetians. He traded gold, wealth, riches, and spices. This made him want to explore so he could receive even more gold, spices, and silk, which was very valuable at the time. This was John Cabot’s life before exploring.


He traveled to England in 1475, and then traveled to Portugal. In Portugal, he took orders from Prince Henry, who was a navigator. Later, he was able to sail across seas, and explore. Just like Christopher Columbus, John Cabot also believed that the Native Americans from America were Indians from India or Asia. He landed in 1497 after Leif Eriksson. When he got on shore, he hoisted both the English and Venetian flag, for he used to trade with the Venetians. On his first voyage, he was very successful by finding new land and gold, and spices. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful at all on his second voyage and died. As you can see, there are many facts about John Cabot’s exploration.

Time Changement

In the time of exploration, life was a lot more different. Instead of taking planes, you would have to take a boat. Taking a boat would be a lot more dangerous because you don’t have any protection when there is a storm. Also, back then, they didn’t have GPS. So they had to use a compass which wasn’t always very accurate. And if they were lost, they couldn’t communicate with people on land who might be able to help. Now, if we were lost, we could just use a speaker to speak to the navigators. Those are some things that have changed from the time of our explorer, to now.


Now you can see, what inspired John Cabot and how he grew up. Also, you can see that John Cabot faced hardships, and had some success. I hope you could also see how life has changed from different periods of time. I hope you enjoyed reading this article.