Hydrogen cars


Why should i want this car?

Well you should know how cars that are run with gas are very Bad for the environment. There are a whole new step. Hydrogen isn't harmful and pollutive like gas. It is very light and isn't limited. It just happens to be that hydrogen is the lightest element so it shouldn't be pollutive!

What is Hydrogen?

Its an element, in fact (as mentioned before) the lightest one! It is found all over the world and its actually a big part of water so its in us! It cant be so dangerous if its in us and water, right? RIGHT! It isn't harmful! The symbol for hydrogen is H and is #1 on the periodic table (that also means it has 1 proton and electron)

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Whats the difference?

The difference! There is a whole bunch. first off its a lot safer than gasoline. think about this, hydrogen is in what we eat and drink everyday and its apart of us. That just makes it sound better. Is gasoline in us? do we drink it everyday? NO! Its so much more safe and environmentally friendly.

Consumer demands

I'm gonna be upfront the consumer demand is not that high.. yet. Hydrogen cars are not popular, well because they aren't well known and expensive. If they were popular and cheaper then the world would be a better place as we know it but i'm afraid that's not the case.