Leaders Lighting the Way - March/April 2015

Young Authors Contest Winner

by Amiyah, Chloe, and Takara

Danika is a student in second grade at Anderson Creek Primary. She wrote a story for the Harnett County Young Author's Contest. She read her story out loud to everyone and they ate cupcakes. Danika's story is called, "The Little Girl Who Couldn't Dance." Danika is like the girl in the story because she took ballet. Her teacher, Mrs. Callahan, came to the celebration. Danika used Habit 2, Make a Plan, to write her story. She was nervous at the celebration, but it was fun! Her story will be published in a book.

I Am a Leader

by Hannah

I am a leader because I am a proactive. I follow directions and I am respectful to others.

Habit 6 - Synergize

by Serenity

Leadership is a good thing. It helps people by making good choices. Being a good leader helps me by making good choices. It also can help others too! My favorite habit is habit 6, synergize. It's my favorite habit because this habit brings every one together. Also I like to synergize with everyone too.

I Am a Leader Because...

by Danika

I am a leader because I like to be nice too others, So we can be friends, yeah! And when we are friends we can play outside together, yeah!

How I Am a Leader

by Myles

I am a leader because I am a good friend and listener. I am a leader because I'm a good friend. I'm a leader because i follow the directions and I respect the teacher and others. I follow the person in front of me in line. And I use Habit 6, synergize, because I like team work and helping my team mates.

I do my best in every resource. I'm a very good friend. I'm good in P.E, art, music, guidance, and computers. I'm a Leader at home. I do my chores which are make my bed, do my laundry, and brush my teeth in morning and night. After school I do my homework.

I read on the weekends before I play games. I help my big brother with his chore with the trash. I always help people with their stuff.