GAVS Course Update

Mrs. Brumbelow - American Literature and SAT Prep


Hi Parents,

Grades have been updated for 18 week students, and zeros have been entered for missing assignments. Please login with your parent auditor account in order to view your student's updated average. The most updated average will post on Wednesday each week. Otherwise, you can login with your student to see the specific grades which are updated daily. Here is a link to help you create your account:

Important Info

Anything you need to know about GAVS and its policies and procedures are located in the student handbook which is linked above. Check it out if you have questions about the late work policy, withdrawal policy, accommodations, etc.
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16 Week Students

Welcome 16 week students! These students begin their course work today.

Required Materials

Most of the literature we will read is linked within my courses. However, SAT Prep students will be provided with a list of books in the 2nd unit. They are to choose one of those books to read throughout the duration of the course. It is necessary for students to find a copy of the book that they choose.

American Lit B students will nee to obtain a copies of The Great Gatsby, and Their Eyes Were Watching God. AB students will need The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Great Gatsby, and Their Eyes Were Watching God. Everything else can be accessed online and in the course.