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Traditionally, marriages involve a lot of work for the bride and the groom. When it comes to selecting wedding suits, not only must they select an outfit for the several occasions associated with the wedding, but often, they would need to select an appropriate wedding suit for the best man as well. Wedding suits for men to be such that they capture the essence of the wedding and blend it with the responsibility carried by the person designated as the best man.

Tuxedos are classic wear for the best men in weddings traditionally. These tuxedos should maintain a contrast between the groom and the groomsmen. Therefore, they should be such so as to be one-step up from the groomsmen, and a corresponding one-step down from the groom. The usual colours for tuxedos remain black and white, with matching accessories like cufflinks and cummerbunds.

For weddings that are low-key and casual, a nice pair of slacks and a blazer can be appropriate for the best man. As long as they are in matching colours and create the aura of continuity, they are perfectly acceptable. Jeans and a dress shirt can be acceptable as well. Casual weddings usually allow the guests to feel more at ease with each other and this is usually the reason why couples opt for casual weddings over formal ones.

Another concept gaining popularity these days is theme-based weddings. Weddings based on themes like beaches, country, western etc. require that the best man dress according to the selected theme.

Regardless of what the best man wears to the wedding, ensure that the wedding attire chosen for the best man is distinctively different – while being apposite – to that of the groom’s outfit. This is to help the people identify the groom and best man clearly. Bringing about that distinctiveness could help in ending speculation among the congregation.

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