Pfeiffer Beach

By: Cameron Watson


Pffeifer Beach is located on the continent of N. America, in the United States. It's latitude and longitued is 36.24/-121.77

Type of Beach

Pfeiffer Beach is an active beach, due to it's location towards the southern part of California. It is a secondary beach, because it was made from the rock that you can still see at the beach today. It is a submergent coast because it is sinking relative to the sea level.


The sand at Pfeiffer Beach is a rusty red to royal purple, it is made the rock deposits made from manganese garnet from secluded cove on the beach.


The waves at the beach are a decent size but there's a lot of shore break. The beach has lots of rocky areas and there's a big cove on the beach. The water looks very clean and is a really aqua blue color.