6th Grade Counseling News

Chisholm Trail Middle School

Teachers, Hallways, & Bulldogs! Oh my!

* What should my 6th grader be doing?

* Where do we go from here?

* What about next year?

* Mrs. Who?

* The Village

Life at The Trail!

The Day and the Life of a Sixth Grader!

Everyday is an exciting day at The Trail! By now, your sixth grader has settled into their schedule, and is thriving at the secondary level. Can you believe this school year is half over? I can't!

I hope you and your family take time to reflect on how much your child has grown this school year. I am so impressed with the growth I have witnessed with the entire 6th grade class. I have seen some positive changes!

What now?

Keep plugging along! When you guys are eating dinner together (even if it's in the car), reflect on their day. What class do they love the most? What are they most proud of that day? It might be that they went the whole day without being tardy! Maybe they aced a math test! WOW! Either way, it's not too small to go unnoticed at this age. Finding small growth can be the most exciting!

Does your child need additional support? If so, contact their teacher for tutorial times. Tutoring can occur before or after school, and during lunch. Each teacher has set times, and rules for tutoring. If you need further help, feel free to contact your child's teacher or call me!

7th Grade is Next!

This day will be here before we know it! Soon, your child will be hearing all about 7th grade, what classes are required, and what electives they can choose! Look for course requests to come home on February 19th. On this day, students will hear about 7th grade and watch a quick video on elective choices. Take time, as a family, and look over the course options. Some courses, such as Pre-AP, will require parent signature and teacher approval. If they are having a tough time deciding, look up the courses now. Encourage your child to swing by my office. I can help them research classes and know what they are signing up for in the end! We are asking that the 7th Grade Course Request Form be returned to their World Cultures Teacher by Friday, February 26th.

Check out our 7th Grade Course Request Presentation

Who is Mrs. Wallace?

If we haven't met or chatted on the phone, I am 6th grade school counselor!

I can help in several ways!

* Develop ideas for studying

* Fine tune coping skills for focus and attention

* Ideas for practicing self-discipline and self-control

* A listening ear!

Regardless of the ways, I am here to help your child as they master their academic goals. It is important to develop healthy skills at this age.

The Village is Here!

I know you've heard it before, "it takes a village!" We are here to help. We are so excited to have your child at CTMS! Please reach out and communicate with me if you have any questions or concerns! We want to do everything possible to ensure success with each student!