By Alicia 3D

A cockatoo is a native diurnal Australian bird.

The scientific name for the cockatoo is Psittsformes Cacatua. It is mainly found in Australia and Indonesia and likes to live in bush in the scrub. Cockatoos can be pink, white, black or yellow. They have a crest of gathers on their head and a short blunt beak. They can grow up to 50cm. Cockatoos eat with their blunt beak.They usually eat seeds, fruit and nuts. The cockatoo's predator is the tree climbing goanna. They raid cockatoos nests.

The cockatoo's environment is threatened when people cut down trees. When this happens they move to the city to find food. The cockatoo lays eggs. They mate when they are 3 or 4 years old. After mating the female lays 2-6 eggs. She lays them in a high tree. The male and the female take turns sitting on the eggs. The eggs take about 4 weeks to hatch. New born chicks are blind and have no feathers.

Cockatoos can lift and lower their crest of feathers. They screech loudly when they sense danger, to warn other cockatoos.

Cockatoos homes are being destroyed, so now more are moving to the city environment and ruining people's homes by chewing on roofs and wires and paintwork.