Holiday Boxes for the Homeless

Leadership Corps Period 3

Holiday Boxes

The service we chose was the Holiday Boxes by the Stewpot, and what we did was fill empty shoe boxes with supplies that would help the homeless and people in need. We chose this organization because it is one that helps out people in our immediate DFW area, and we thought this was different and it was very fun to do.


12/7- Roles were given to everyone in the group, and we found an organization to support and serve-- The Stewpot. We also decided what we were going to bring to put into the boxes.

12/9- The boxes were wrapped and filled with the items brought, and we also wrote notes for the people recieveing these boxes.

12/11- Boxes were delivered to the Stewpot site.

12/15- preparations for presentation

12/16- reveal/presentation

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Holiday Boxes May Include:

pens, pencils

disposable stick razors

small umbrella
plastic poncho

travel size Kleenex


knit hat

knit gloves
tube socks
travel-size toiletries
hard candy, gum
small hand sanitizer
small flashlight w/batteries

stationary or cards w/stamps

fast food gift card ($5 or less)

small Bible or book of inspiration

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The holiday boxes are sponsored by a church that will send the boxes to help the homeless, at-risk women and men and children in need around the Dallas area. Inside the boxes we put useful necessities that they need to help them survive and help them out this season.

This program benefits many people, including our friends in need in our neighborhood. Every year, determined staff of the Stewpot deliver these boxes out to the homeless and families in need on Christmas Eve, and anyone, from individuals to large groups, may donate and help out.


The Stewpot
1822 Young Street, Dallas, 75201

Nov 30 – Dec. 11

During the work week Mondays – Fridays

8 am–2:30 pm