biofuels expert

A Bio fuels Expert is a person in charge of a team of technicians that produce biofuels. This team measures, calculates, loads, mixes, and processes refined feedstock additives in fermentation or reaction process vessels and monitors production.


A person working in biofuels can work over 40 hours a week? what are some of the pros/cons working in this career? A con can be that biofuels can be dirty and some people don't like that and the smell of it either , A good thing is that its a growing indrustry with high potential for growth.

Career Requirements

To get started in bio fuels you need 4 years of college and training and an intership a biofuels company. you can expect 20 to 30 thousand as a technician and depending over 60 thousand if you have and engineering degree .


Global biofuels output to grow 3.5% per year on an average from 110 bilon liters in 2012 to 135 billion liters in 2018.