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July 22, 2022

We Have So Much To Offer Leaders At Every Level, Let us Help You and Your District Improve

Our organization can customize services to meet your needs and MLI is proud to be expanding our offerings to meet the needs of K-12 leaders at all levels. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever have an idea or need for your team or district that we may be able to help you fill and grow your team. Together we are proud to support educators for Michigan children.

Focus on Teaching and Learning—- Join the Mini INSTRUCTIONAL ACADEMY

On OCTOBER 20 -21 we are excited to offer a SUPES Instructional Academy! This event will begin with lunch on Thursday, OCTOBER 20 at noon and run through a dinner event Thursday evening. Then we will begin Friday morning at 8:00am and conclude at 3:00pm. Both days will focus on instuctructional leadership for those individuals who are new to the Superintendency or aspiring to the position but have not had a strong back ground in curriculum, instruction, and assessment or would like to refocus on what matters most. Ms. Sheila Alles, Mrs.Teresa Weatherall Neal, Dr. Debbie McFalone, Dr. Lisa Hagel and others including experienced superintendents will lead this incredible opportunity for you to increase your knowledge, build a network of peers and recharge yourself! Keep the main thing the main thing.

The cost is $350 for the two days which includes registration, materials and all meals.

Please register below on the following Catalog link:


The Hyatt Place, Hill Road is our partner hotel with special rates. Information is also attached below under the catalog link.

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COME ENJOY A ONE DAY EXPERIENCE AND LEARN HOW TO IMPACT YOUR DISTRICT OR BUILDING CULTURE IN A MORE POSITIVE WAY. This training will impact you personally and professionally and help you change the climate around you for adults and children.

You can experience the training alone, with a colleague, or a small team. The impact is promised to be LARGE.

The research is based on Shawn Achor’s Best Selling book Happiness Advantage and work done at Harvard along with the parable “The Orange Frog”. The day is extremely valuable, enjoyable and suitable for everyone.

Creating Positive, High Performing Schools

The research is clear. Positive environments are performance enhancers. They are characterized by higher productivity, less turnover and absenteeism, and more resilient cultures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the 7 principles of positive psychology that fuel success and performance in education
  • Understand the behavior changes necessary to “spark” staff and faculty engagement
  • Learn core leadership and execution strategies for creating and sustaining a positive culture
  • Obtain information on the latest research regarding "Positivity in Education"
  • Access a model for systemwide implementation which has created significant, quantifiable success in school districts around the country

Enjoy the article Below:


To register Please go to the Catalog Registration: Training runs from 8:30 - 4:30

Coffee and Snacks included

1 hour - Lunch is on your own




What is the Superintendent Preparation Academy?

The Superintendent Preparation Academy is a comprehensive leadership development experience to prepare individuals who will be the next “class” of superintendent candidates – those considering the pursuit of positions in the year 2022 or thereafter. This experience will also help you grow as an educational professional regardless of your leadership position and strengthen your skills and knowledge to increase performance today and tomorrow.

Why was the Academy developed?

MLI is committed to K-12 school districts and public institutions throughout Michigan and the success of all children by developing, deploying and supporting outstanding executive leadership.

There will be an unprecedented number of superintendents retiring over the next decade. At the same time, fewer people with the necessary capacity-building experiences are aspiring to move into these critical leadership roles. In addition, the superintendency has become increasingly complex. It is critical that future superintendents have the best preparation and network possible as you take leadership of the district and we want to help you be successful.

To see more information or register for the SUPES ACADEMY see the link and brochure below or MLI website. We guarantee you will not be disappointed in the professional learning and relationships made in this experience. Please call Dr. Lisa Hagel at 810 516 9368 0r email at lhagelmli@geneseeisd.org

Find the Supes Academy 2022 Registration Packet here.

Great Leaders Create the Culture and Environment for others to Feel Safe, Grow, and Give Back

A critical part of leadership is to develop a culture within the organization where trust, respect and honesty are continuously present. A great leader must creat a place people want to be a part of and be proud of, as Simon Sinek discusses below- great leaders must make people feel values and safe in their environment if they want to have a shared vision, goals and real engagement.
Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek


There are very few items more important than a strong, effective Governance team created between the Board of Education and the Superintendent. Each year the Superintendent and staff is evaluated on goals and objectives to help reach continuous improvement goals. Through the partnership of The Michigan Leadership Institute, we can assist your Board Of Education in an effective Self-Evaluation process. This process is based on national standards, is relatively quick and painless for each member. A trained consultant works with the Governance team to complete the process, identify areas of strength and potential areas of opportunity to develop throughout the year for the Board.

The goal of the process is to develop a highly functioning LEADERSHIP team.

If you are interested, you can contact any MLI consultant for more information.

NEW Partnership with Hulings and Associates Makes Us STRONGER for Superintendent Searches

MLI is excited to be partnering with Hulings and Associates to offer Personality / Behavior Assessment to help ensure optimal cultural fit using the science of psychological theory

and behavioral analysis. By identifying the behaviors, motivators, and influencers active in

your culture, the analysis provides you with information to assist with identifying gaps between the the Board my be seeking and the candidate may posses. The Board can utilize the information to select a candidate. Together the team will work on the areas to form a stronger governance body. This creates a better fit and positive results for all.

You can also use this with your leadership team to strengthen your team’s effectiveness.

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Leadership Vacancies - Our Students Need Great Leaders...

Do you know someone ready to lead or for the next step? Our state needs the best leaders to help carry us all forward, be a mentor, or look for the next wonderful opportunity for yourself.

See the MLI Website for more information. http://www.mileader.com

  • Greenville Public Schools
  • Executive Director Secondary Schools Kentwood Schools District
  • Interim Superintendents and principals also needed for long and short term vacancies.

Articles to Share Today


We are thrilled to award $1,000 to each of the student Leaders below:

Jacob Chuhran Trenton High School going to Michigan State University

Mya Bellanger Alpena High School going to Saginaw Valley State University

Alexandria Brown Fenton High School going to Michigan Technological University

Salony Patel Grand Blanc High School going to The University of Michigan -Flint

Tesa Ware Midland High School going to Central Michigan University

Cecilia Vesperman Gross Ile High School going to Eastern Michigan University

Alexandra Sexton Powers Catholic High School going to St. Marys University

These young people have all displayed incredible leadership, attendance, involvement and achievement . The Michigan Leadership Institute and our generous donors wish these amazing young people the very best future possible.

If you would like to donate to our scholarship fund please contact Dr. Lisa Hagel or the Genesee County Education Foundation (GCEF)


Ms. Sheila Alles, Former Interim State Superintendent, Deputy State Superintendent, Curriculum Specialist Livonia Public Schools : Serving Districts with MLI as a Curriculum & Instructional Specialist, Strategic Planning

Dr. Randy Liepa, Former Superintendent Wayne RESA and Livonia Public Schools Serving Districts with MLI in Millage, Bond Support , Searches, and Strategic Planning

Dr. Keely Mounger, Former Superintendent at Westwood Heights, and Coleman, Former Deputy Superintendent for Human Resources and Operations Serving Districts with MLI in Capital and Facility Planning, Negotiations, Searches

Mr. Clarence Garner, Former Superintendent Grand Blanc Schools Serving Districts with MLI in Strategic Planning Specialist

Mrs.Teresa Weatherall Neal, Former Superintendent of Grand Rapids Public Schools Serving Districts with MLI in Instructional Coach, Searches, & Culture Coaching

Mr. David Burt, Former Operations and Maintenance Director Serving Districts with MLI in Capital and Facility Planning

Dr. Debbie McFalone, Leadership Consultant Serving Districts with MLI in Professional Development in Leadership and Instructional Learning making meaningful and powerful change

Mr. Jan Amsterburg, Former Superintendent Gratiot Isabella ISD and Durand Area Schools Serving Districts with MLI in Administrative Mentoring and Strategic Planning

Dr. William Webber, Former Superintendent South Redford School District, Serving Districts with MLI in Human Resources, Finance, and Negotiations

Mr. Tom Tenbrink, Former Superintendent Jenison Public Schools, Serving Districts with MLI in Searches, Culture Building, and Bond Support

Regional Presidents- Executive Searches, District Support

Mr. Dave Killips Former Superintendent Chelsea Schools Southwest Michigan

Mr. John Silveri Former Superintendent Waterford Schools S. E. Michigan

Mr. Charles Andrews, Former Superintendent Marysville Schools

Dr. John Scholten Former Superintendent Petoskey Schools Northern Michigan

Mr. Andy Ingall, Former Superintendent Grand Haven Schools, Serving Districts with MLI in Searches, Mentoring, and Planning

Mr. Pete Haines- Former Superintendent, Ottawa ISD Assoc. President, S.W. Michigan

Mr. Tim Stein, Former Superintendent Flushing Area Schools

Mrs. Lisa Hook -Administrative Assistant

Dr. Lisa Hagel, Former Superintendent at Genesee ISD and Mt. Morris Schools,

Executive Director. (810) 591-3251

Vacancies and Searches, Strategic Planning, Curriculum and Instructional Planning

We are ready to help you find your next leadership opportunity to impact a community of students, families and staff. Please continue to watch the MLI website at :http://www.mileader.org for vacancies. We are also ready to help you with large or small scale planning initiatives that involve goal setting, curriculum or instruction, right sizing your district or a completely custom work shop.

Additionally, we can assist you in recruiting and replacing all key positions in your district as you focus on other important duties. Please do not hesitate to reach out for support.

(810) 591-3251 or mli@geneseeisd.org

(810) 591-3251 ————————-———————- mli@geneseeisd.org

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Mentoring Leaders at ALL levels.

To be added to our Mailing List or have someone added:

Please call or email LISA HOOK at (810) 591- 4541 or lhook@geneseeisd.org.

Congratulations To New Superintendents Hired Through MLI: We Wish You and Your District All The Best

Mr. Jason Meisner - Glen Lake Public Schools

Mr. Michael Kapolka Chelsea School District

Mr. Ben Mainka- Novi Public Schools

Mr. Dan Gilbertson - Brandon School District

Mr. Steve Bouvy - Millington Municipal Schools

Mr. Justin Gluesing- Alpena, Montmorence, Alcona ESD

Ms. Tara Mager- Clare- Gladwin RESD

Mr. Randy Lindquist- Muskegon Area ISD

Mr. Travis Walker- Brandywine

Mr. David Hack- Ida Public Schools

Mr. Derrick Bushon- Holly Academy

Mr. Brad Jacobs
- Fremont Public Schools

Mr. Joe Holloway- Constantine Public Schools

Dr. Jan Amsterburg- Byron Public School

Scott Leach -Dundee Schools



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