Shout - Out from Schupmann

for the week of February 12, 2018

Welcome to February

Wow! Can you believe how fast January flew by? Speaking of the Flu, there is a lot of sickness going around. Please make sure that if your child has fever, vomiting, or diarrhea that they are free from these symptoms (without the help of medication) for 24 hours before you send them back to school!

Enrichment Day - February 16

Red Oak ISD will hold a student enrichment day on February 16. This year we will be focusing on the areas of Reading and Math in each grade level. If you have not told us whether or not you are coming, please let us know ASAP! You can fill the form out on paper and send it back or feel free to fill it out here :

See the FAQ below:

Q: What is the concept behind student enrichment days?

A: Think of this day as an optional intervention opportunity. We will work with students in the areas of math and reading through small group and whole group instruction.

Q: Is my student required to attend?

A: No. Enrichment day is optional, and there is no penalty for not attending.

Q: What are the hours?

A: All campuses will run according to their regular hours.

Q: Will my child work on graded assignments?

A: Students will not complete graded work during enrichment day unless it is make up work.

Q: Will lunch be available in the cafeteria?

A: Yes. We will serve lunch. We will need a head count, so please sign up for lunch below.

Q: Will transportation be provided?

A: Yes. All buses will run on their regular schedules. All students not riding the bus must be picked up by 20 minutes after dismissal. If needed, parents may pick students up early.

Q: Will childcare be provided to students who usually attend After the Bell?

A: No. After the Bell will be closed.

Q: Can my child wear jeans?

A: Yes. Feb. 16 will be jean day for both students and staff. As usual, please wear a maroon and white spirit shirt.

GAMES: Goals and Motivation Equal Success #the game isn't over unless you quit!"

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Russell P. Schupmann Parent Handbook is on the wedsite @

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PTA Fundraiser

We have 88% of our pledges collected so far!!!! We had five $100.00 pledges during our fundraiser! Thank you so much! If you, a family member, or friend pledged and have not turned in the money, please do so ASAP!

REACH Rubric -Hallway for Students

As you can remember from the beginning of the year we are using one of the 4 Talons of the ROISD Graduate Profile as the foundation for our School-Wide Behavior Expectations. That Talon reads: Demonstrates Fair, Respectful and Well-Rounded Characteristics. It's best symbolized by Respect.. Encourage.. Appreciate.. Communicate.. Honor (REACH). Each week we will share what that looks like at Schupmann. This week we will focus on what it looks like in the hallway:
Respect: Hands together

Encourage: Keep the line straight

Appreciate: Low speed: for your safety and others

Communicate: Level zero voice; classrooms are busy learning

Honor: Eyes forward: don't bump into others.

This Week At Schupmann


14 Valentines Day Party - See note from your teacher what to bring.

16: Optional Enrichment Day focusing on Math and Reading. If you have not sent in your RSVP, please do ASAP.

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Mrs. Barbe

As most of you know Mrs. Miles, our assistant principal, retired at the end of the first semester. We are excited to welcome Mrs. Kelly Barbe as our new assistant principal! Mrs. Barbe has taught for 9 years while holding several leadership roles on her former campus. She is excited to work with you and your students and be a part of the Schupmann family. Please stop by and say Hello and introduce yourself.