President Andrew Jackson

Says he's a hero, but will always be a zero

The Trail Of Tears, a BIG zero event

The Trail Of Tears was an event that forced the native americans (many of them Cherokee) off of their land. The Cherokee were an americanized people with their own constitution, newspaper, and language. Jackson however, saw them as savages and supported their removal. Hungry for fertile land with gold, Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act which led to the Cherokee being forced off their land and onto the trail of tears. He signed the document that killed over half of the Cherokee population.

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Was he really the "common man"?

Andrew Jackson claimed that he was a common man. He was born an orphan, and wasn't very wealthy, but was he really a "common man"? After leaving office, Jackson moved into a mansion and owned 150 slaves. Now does that sound like a common man to you? Not everything is what it seems.

Jackson had some unconstitutional aspects

You could say that Jackson is somewhat of a rule breaker. In the court case Worcester vs. Georgia, the supreme court ruled that the Cherokee people were sovereign, and that Georgia couldn't force them off their land. Jackson however, ignored the supreme court and helped get the Cherokee removed. The supreme court is a big deal, and should always be respected. Andrew Jackson also rewarded loyal followers with government jobs, this is called the spoils system, it is frowned upon. Another aspect that needs to be looked over is Jackson's over exercised power to veto. If he didn't want a bill to become a law, it didn't happen. That action sort of "goofs up" the checks and balances system doesn't it?

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Andrew Jackson: The First Imperial President

King Andrew Jackson

This cartoon has president Andrew Jackson drawn as a king. I think he is portrayed this way because frankly, he has all of the power. He acts like a tyrant overseeing a monarchy. He is drawn standing on the constitution because he thinks that he is above the law. He has a piece of paper with the word veto on it because he just LOVES to veto.

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