Nelson Mandela

How did Nelson Mandela help Africa?

Where was Nelson Mandela from?

Nelson Mandela was born in Transkei, South Africa on July 18, 1918

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This ties into the big question because it shows that Nelson helped South Africans because he was born in South Africa.

What is apartheid?

Apartheid was a political system of separate development that became state policy in South Africa in 1948. Based on rigid racial divisions, the purpose of the policy was to favor the political, cultural, and economic interests of the white minority population in South Africa while maintaining a cheap workforce of people of color.

(Anti Apartheid Movement...)

This ties into the big question because it explains what Nelson Mandela was trying to stop and what it was.

How did apartheid end?

Apartheid ended when Nelson Mandela became president in 1994. The African American anti apartheid movement was actually a series of intrarelated and interrelated movements that contested South Africa's apartheid policies and practices from 1937 to 1994. The movement was the struggle to end white supremacy both at home and abroad.

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This ties into the big question because it shows how Nelson Mandela ended up helping South Africa.

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Why did Nelson Mandela lead the apartheid movement?

Nelson Mandela lead the apartheid movement because he was determined to see a free and equal society in South Africa. During this movement, Mandela was imprisoned for nearly three decades. When released from prison in 1990, he led the transition to the democratic society that he had long envisioned. Mandela was also deeply respected worldwide for the peaceful reconciliation process he led his country through following the end of apartheid.

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This ties into the big question because it shows why Nelson Mandela helped South Africa.

New questions created because of research

  • Did Nelson grow up being treated unfairly?

  • Could Nelson have lead differently and what would be the outcome?

  • Was he elected president because of his leadership in the movement?

  • Why was he imprisoned?

  • Was he assassinated?

  • Was the apartheid movement the only way he helped Africans?

  • Did he only help South Africans?

Summation or explanation of new learning.

I learned that Nelson Mandela helped lead South Africa, not Africa in general, to freedom and equality by fighting for what was right. He did this by leading a movement to end apartheid and is now known worldwide for his great actions.

So What? How will this new learning enrich your life or change your behavior?

This new learning will enrich my life or change my behavior by showing me that you should always fight for what is right. By Nelson Mandela standing up and being a leader, he was able to help create a free and equal society for South Africans. This shows that if you really fight for what is right, you will be able to achieve and overcome what isn’t.

Reflect on your engagement in the research process. You might think about what parts of the process were engaging for you and easy to complete and what parts weren’t. What part of the process was effective for you as a learner and what parts were a struggle?

A part of the process that was easy to complete was finding what Nelson Mandela did to help South Africans. A part of the process that wasn’t easy to complete was finding why Nelson Mandela helped South Africans. This is because I had to really work hard to research and find what his motive was. Overall, it was effective when I found why he did what he did because it gave me a view into what I would’ve done if I were in his shoes and I understood his choices.

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