instruments used for weather

Raenah cross Mrs. Ferguson's 1st period

these instruments are used for weather purposes

thermometer: it helps you know the temperature is

barometer: it helps you predict the weather

sling psychometer: it helps you measure relative humidity

rain guage: it measures how much rain has fallen to the ground in the area you are in

wind vane: it helps you know which way the wind is blowing

anemometer: it helps you know how fast the wind is blowing

weather map: it is used to project the weather in a curtain area

hygrometer: is used to measure the moisture or the humidity of air or any gas

weather satellite: it helps you monitor the weather and climate of the earth

your eyes: you can see it rain, the wind blow in the trees and, you can watch the news


The weather is always changing and if you dont have these tools then all you need to do is to watch the news.

here are some examples