The Places In Between

By: Rory Stewart


As the New York Times Review said that the Places In Between is " A striding, glorious book... A flat-out masterpiece." Rory Stewart takes journey through Afghanistan, trying to discover the truth that lays with the Afghans society. One day into his journey he encounters a problem with the Afghanistan Army, but he was able to overcome that struggle. Stewart's goal was to start at Herat and travel to Kabul.

On the way he travels through some of the rugged, isolated and poor parts of the country. Stewart made the walk in the middle of winter, making it even harder for him to travel. As he goes through these places something catches his attention the people. They showed him compassion, love and acceptance. Which changes his perspective on the people of Afghanistan.

Five Life Lessons

1. You can meet lifetime friends from unexpected places ( Stewart 127).

2. Don't judge a book bey its cover ( Stewart 30-34).

3. Once you set your goals high, you might as well reach for the stars ( Stewart 147).

4. Everyone deserves happiness ( Stewart 120).

5. Though the journey may get rough, keep on moving ( Stewart 135).


I can relate to the author on many occasion, and other times I just don't know what his talking about. Although this book was really boring I did manage to draw great life lessons. One is the friends that you make will effect how you act towards others. As society around us advocates sex, drugs and alcohol. Make sure you don't get dragged unto the lust of the world. Friends can either encourage and edify you, or put you down.

Diary Entry

As the day grow near, I was shaking out of my boots. Going to a foreign land, with people that will surround you like a swarm of bees. Thought of how I will survive started penetrating into my mind. This journey will require a lot of treasonous work and walking, but I know i can make it. As i entered this village i saw many huts with little kids. It was very common for people to marry their own cousins, because the next villagers was 3 days walk away. Outside I saw a dog that I took pleasure in looking at. He had no ears, or tale. Many of the kids were very afraid of him, he was known as a war dog. The villagers saw that the dog captivated my attention, so they offered him to me. I took the dog with me, its always amazing to see a friend that was found in an unexpected place.