Tech Telegram

October 12-14 CC Hardy

Good Morning Mrs.Velasco,

I would just like to say thank you for your warm welcome this year. You have an amazing staff and I have seen some incredible things they are doing with your students. With this in mind, I will share an overview each Friday of planning activities and teacher visits from your campus.

What's New in the Technology World?

Remember Kahoot? Quizizz is a similar program however, students don't have to follow along with the rest of the class. All they need is a code to take the quiz at their own pace and they see the questions right on their screen!!! Pre-made assessments or make your own. Great with you eBeams or Starboards!!!! Best of all it's FREE!!!!!

October 12

Digital Citizenship Planning With Shawn Lane

Student Holiday

October 13

Tyner - Starboard and Boardmaker Software Help

Sigala - Starboard update and configuration

T3 Starboard Training - 8 Teachers in attendance!!! Woo Hoo!!!

October 14

Brown - Sample Quiz set up in New Quizizz Program. Fun Game Based Program for students to use with the Asus Tablets. Training to follow.

October 15

Lozano - Starboard setup and Tutorial

Ennesser - Starboard Configuration. Training in the Morning Scheduled.