The Future of Video

Interactive Videos Created on iPads


Touchcast makes videos come alive! Using the Touchcast app on your iPhone or iPad, you can make videos that are interactive. Touch a graphic on the video to read related articles, view related webpages, or see related photos.

This app allows the creator to read from the teleprompter, add sound effects, change backgrounds, and utilize the whiteboard.

Introducing TouchCast


  • Embedded Websites
  • Twitter Feeds
  • Polling Capabilities
  • Embedded Newsfeed's
  • Ratings
  • Comments
  • Sound Effects
  • Filters
  • Green Screens
  • Embedded Maps

Possible Uses:

  • Flipped Classroom
  • Research Projects
  • Daily Announcements
  • Peer-Teaching


  • Requires significant planning
  • Whiteboard is awkward and doesn't write well
  • Green screens are difficult to use

For more information, contact me at x294 or email