A man who wanted order.

Confucius was a man born during a bad period in Asia. There were lots of wars, battles and fights. He became a politician and philosopher. He also recommended that family should be a basis for government. He also created the early version of the golden rule. "Do not to others what you do not want done to yourself" As he grew up he didn't seem to like it and he decided to end it. He started a philosophy known as Confucianism. This philosophy followed a rule known as filial piety. This teaches you to respect your elders and leaders. There are the five relationships. The five would be as shown.

Types of Confucianism

There is also Taoism/Daoism which means the inferior one yields. Yielding means to withhold to let a stronger or superior force pass or continue. This makes it so the superior one does what's right whilst the inferior one follows. These philosophies were able to put China back into order. He also started the civil service exams. These started during the Sui dynasty and were perfect during the Qing dynasty. These were to show the basic average amount of "smarts" in each village. Only young boys and men took them.
Filial Piety: Father and Son (Eng subtitles)