StarLight Foundation

Starlight changes the life's of seriously ill children

What does Starlight do

The Starlight Foundation embodies a spirit of giving and equality. Starlight believes that seriously ill children should have the same experiences and joy that a normal child would have. The captain starlights play an important role in the lives of sick children, they create a world of happiness for children suffering in hospitals and distracts them from there sickness for a while. They make them feel like kids again.


1:Founded in 1988 and based in Australia although branched out to America .

2:The Starlight Foundation helps brighten up children's time in hospitals Australia.

3:Star Light day is on May 2nd where the Starlight Foundation raises funds by selling Starlight merchandise.

A children's story

Why should I donate


The Starlight Foundation has currently more than 400 pending requests for wishes and if starlight stay on the same financial path they will not be able to grant even half of 400, they will be breaking the hearts of parents and kids. Ill Children deserve to have a day feeling like a normal child that's why we need YOUR HELP.