This smore is about the plant carrot and how it grows.

Facts about carrots and what is good about them.

Carrots help your eyes to stay heathy ,you can peel them,they grow in the ground.The carrot is a root vegetable with the most commonly eaten part being the taproot. You can eat it because it is a veggie it can take 3 or more weeks to germinate.the carrot usually grows in a graden but it can be grown in a pot.
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Parts of the plant and it's function.m

1.Roots:take the water that gets feded to the plant and gives it to the plant

2.Stem:the stem helps the plant stand up and also helps bring the water and food up from the roots.

3.true leaves:come right after seed leaves and if you put in in a bigger pot befor it grows it will die.

4.seed leaves:they are the first to apaer on the plant and they are very round.

5.petals:they attract pollenaters.

6.stamen:the thing that poks out of the middle of then plant and collects the pollen.

7.pistil: It has all different things in it and those things are ovary,ovule,style,stigma.


Growth and Development

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The life cycle of a plant

  • The plant starts out as a seed
  • Then it germinates and germinate is when the seed responds by sending the root down so it sports up.
  • Next step is the part where the roots pop out of the seed.
  • After that is the seeding step. The seeding step is the part where the stem comes out of the soil or ground.
  • The next comes the Flower Planting. The flower planting is the part where the flower starts to bloom.
  • After that step comes the Fruiting plant. The fruiting plant is the part where the flower comes up fully.
  • Then the flower goes away and the plant starts all over the next year.


The process of a photosynthesis is where green plants and others use sun light to synthesize Carbon dioxide and water and it usually involves green on the plant.That's what photosynthesis is!