No to Columbus Day!

We should not celebrate it!

I do not think Columbus Day should be celebrated. All Columbus did was come to a different side of the world and try to take over a land that was already found. It was found by the Native Americans. And about 200 years before Columbus came Vikings came already to these lands. His journey was a fail journey. He thought the lands he was on was the indies. He was known for a great skilled sea captain. But Columbus didn't even know where he was going when he found the lands. All he did was take over their lands. And made it his own. But yeah he might have found it, wrote it out, and went back to Europe and told people about it, but if he didn't find it the lands some one else would have.

Not a hero

Columbus was no hero. He was a evil man. He took the people as slaves because they thought they were skilled. He destroyed many of the things they had. Their culture, their families, their lands, and their food. Columbus was greedy. He wanted their money, he traded with them for their jewelry. He wanted their gold. If the Native Americans didn't do was Columbus asked they were taken as slaves, or even killed. He brought diseases that were very harmful to the Native Americans and which started to spread all across the world killing many.