SWO ESL Consortium Meeting

February 25th, 2016 12:30 - 3:30 @ HCESC

OELPA Test Administrator Manual NOW POSTED

TA accessed here

Next Meeting:

Friday, May 13th 8:30 - 11:30am @ HCESC

Thanks for attending! All handouts and information located in above shared folder.


1. Identification of gifted ELLs - Nicole Dietrich

2. OELPA: tips and suggestions, Q & A open forum

3. Training for spring testing translators - Consortium Work Group

4. ELLevation: student information management - Corbin Moore

5. Curriculum Mapping - ELPA Standards-based matrix - TABLED UNTIL NEXT MEETING

5. Xavier TESOL cohort at HCESC

6. LEP Service Plan discussion - TABLED UNTIL NEXT MEETING


Plyler v Doe:

ODE's "5 Questions" here

Based on the Supreme Court's ruling, public school districts should consider the following practices in working with ELL students:

  • School officials may not require children to prove they are in this country legally by asking for documents such as green cards, citizenship papers, etc. They may only require proof that the child lives within the school district attendance zone, just as they might for any other child.
  • Schools should be careful of unintentional attempts to document students' legal status which lead to the possible "chilling" of their Plyler rights.
  • The following school practices are prohibited:
    • Barring access to a student on the basis of legal status or alleged legal status.
    • Treating students disparately for residency determination purposes on the basis of their undocumented status.
    • Inquiring about a student's immigration status, including requiring documentation of a student's legal status at initial registration or at any other time.
    • Making inquiries from a student or his/her parents which may expose their legal status.

Sharing LEP Plans

LEP Plans, ELD Plans, Service Plans: We all have different names for them and have different information on them. For purpose of discussion, if you would like to share a copy of your district's PLAN for ELLs, please upload a blank copy to this shared Google Folder so that we can all access during our meeting.
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