SPED Department Update

Week of September 8th

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A note from Mr. Solomon regarding GScholar for Special Educators:

I've spoken with Jim Monti about the fact that collaborative special education teachers are unable to access gScholar and Google Classroom. Jim confirmed that this is not by design, it's a current limitation of gScholar and Google Classroom. Right now, you can't add more than one educator. gScholar is working on adding multiple educators in their tool, but we don't have an ETA because they have a non-disclosure agreement with Google.

There are a couple of work-arounds that Jim is looking at, but they are complex, so Jim needs to work on assembling instructions that all can follow. He is hoping to send out the instructions before school starts again on Monday. If needed, I'll send a followup to WWHS asking all teachers to make the adjustments ASAP.

The overall district philosophy and culture of our collaborative partnerships are represented by the fact that special educators have all of the same access and ability that regular educators have on Aspen, and I'm confident that gScholar, Google Classroom, as well as all GAFE, will eventually align with our district's collaborative culture.

Hopefully that alignment will happen very soon.

It's wonderful to see we are supported in this technology blunder

Collab Teachers Progress Notes for case managers of 10th, 11th, and 12th graders

Thanks to the awesome idea from Wayne, we have decided as case managers in collabs (grade10-12) to communicate to one another the progress of the students by:

  • Making copies of goal pages (10-20) and leaving in a labeled folder of the students on your caseload (in abc order)
  • When it comes time to do progress for students you service in various classes you pull the students folders and note the progress directly on the goal page
  • Case mangers will use that info to note in the actually ASPEN progress document
  • You will hopefully save time and energy :)

A bin with about 75 file folders will be on the counter in room 201 by Tuesday.


Tech Talk

How to set up an ipad without using your credit card:

Example: If your Apple ID is mrsmathteacherz@gmail.com then when you create a new Apple ID use something like mrsmathteacherz+pencil@gmail.com.

The verification email will still arrive at mrsmathteacherz@gmail.com even though it was sent to mrsmathteacherz+pencil@gmail.com.

This trick will also work when you are setting up your kids iPads and they do not have an email. The word you use after the plus sign does not matter, thus you can use each kids name after the plus sign.

mrsmathteacherz+mary@gmail.com, mrsmathteacherz+jose@gmail.com,
mrsmathteacherz+parker@gmail.com, mrsmathteacherz+hsu@gmail.com