Facts on Alcoholism

Here is the truth about alcoholism!

87.6 percent of people of the age of 18 said that they have drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime. Nearly 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually. One in every 12 adults have an alcohol problem. You could get dementia from drinking. You can get binge drinking disorder, chronic diseases, and social problems.

How you can stop!

Instead of drinking beer, try drinking something else such as soda. Also to help stop come up with a limit to help lower the amount that you are drinking and you may find yourself not drinking anymore. Make a goal about how many days a week you will drink. Other things you can do are, get rid of temptations, announce your goal, be upfront about your new limits, avoid bad influences, and learn from the past. Some ways to at least to cut back on drinking are, set a drinking goal, keep a diary of your drinking, watch it at home, drink slowly, and take a break form alcohol.

Benefits and costs of drinking!

You might feel as if you have fun when you drink. You may also feel as if you are relaxed when you drink. When you drink it makes you forget all of your problems. But there are still problems from drinking. Like in the previous box there are many kinds of diseases and different things you can get. You can even get a stroke and even social problems. It will cause problems in your relationships, you may feel depressed, anxious, or ashamed of yourself, and it will get in the way of your job performance.

Benefits and costs of stopping!

Your relationships will improve. You will have more energy for the people you love and care about. You will feel better mentally and physically. But there are costs of not drinking such as, you would lose your drinking buddies that you drink with. You will have to face the responsibilities you have been ignoring. You will have to find another way to deal with problems instead of drinking your problems away. But drinking will only make your problems worse.

How you can get others to stop drinking!

Getting someone to stop drinking isn't easy. They may fight you mainly because they are drunk and they may come up with every reason in the world to drink. Just don't say the wrong thing because if you do they may never stop drinking or they may be offended by it. The first thing you should do is schedule a meeting with the person to discuss their drinking problem. Alcohol, depending on the person, may not be the real problem. It could have something to do with a personal issue and they think drinking will help their problems, it really won't, but they think it is. In some cases they may drink because they may want to commit suicide or hurt someone else. If they do you may want to talk to them about that because drinking may even make it worse. To try to get them to stop drinking, you need to ask them the reason why they drink. If you get this far, you may be able to help or stop their drinking problem.

The pictures below!

The pictures below show what might happen to people if they continue to drink. (you may even turn into spongebob driving)