Tanzanian Women and Clean Water

Finding Clean and Safe Water Source

Tanzanian Women and Water

Yubin Lee

Tanzanian Women and Water

Women in Tanzania had an 8-hour walk to get water, and it was contaminated. To make things worse, there was a lot of conflict in the community, because there was only a little bit of water, and a lot of people.

Consequences of Drinking Contaminated Water

Since people were drinking contaminated water, they got serious health problems, (DELETE THE COMMA AFTER 'PROBLEMS' AND ADD 'SUCH AS') vomiting, diarrhea, and even death! Since they were very poor, Tanzanian people were not even able to see a doctor, both men and women.

Finding a Safe and Clean Water Source

Because of the HUGE conflict, the UN (SPELL OUT 'UNITED NATIONS' BEFORE USING AN ABBREVIATED FORM) has major concerns of a growing clean water crisis and its effect on women. The UNCDF and the GELD pilot programme in partnership with local government authorities formed The Municipal Council of Morogoro. Finally, the community built a dam, piped water to be cleaned and then stored it in Kiosks for distribution, resulting in no less than seven water kiosks that were safe.

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