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Oct 15, 2020

Highlights of important info below:

1) Car Line Info - Drop off and Pick up

- Walkers will be dismissed with parent pick up and exit through the loading dock doors

- Video shared with students is below in English and Spanish

- NEW Parent app - Pick Up Patrol - you will be getting an email to sign up on Friday

2) Symptom Checking

- We are asking families to go through the symptom checklist each day to be sure their child(ren) are well for school.

- If a child is unwell at school, they will be seen by the nurse. She will determine if they need to go home or not as well as potential next steps.

- PLEASE feel free to call Mrs. Dugan at any time with questions.

3) Masks

- Must be worn at all times except while eating, drinking or during a mask break

- Will be worn at recess except in a designated mask break area

Please click on the "IN PERSON HYBRID SAFETY PROTOCOLS" button below for handouts.

Car lines - Drop Off & Pick Up

*GREEN= Car Loop* *YELLOW = Bus Loop* *Red Arrows=Pay Attention!!*

During Drop Off times in the morning, and Pick Up time in the afternoon, cars and buses share the same driveway. Be careful where you see the RED ARROWS!!

Please have your children use the passenger side of the vehicle. Children need to be able to do their own seatbelts and car seats.

Parents should not get out of the car.

  • Drop off time runs from 8:30 am to 9:00 am.
  • Class instruction begins at 9:10.
  • Parents should follow the green arrow, and use the Car Line Loop only.
  • Please drop off at the paws painted on the sidewalk. 5 cars can empty at the same time. You do not need to wait until you are first in line to drop off.
  • Pick up time runs from 3:10 to 3:20
  • Class instruction ends at 3:05.
  • There is crossover where the buses need to pull around the car line to get to the bus lane. As long as all drivers are cautious, everything will run smoothly.
  • A line may form while waiting for Pick Up, but once we start moving, it should go quickly.
  • We will try to load 4-5 cars at once in the afternoon.
  • If the cars in front of you have not dropped off or picked up, it is ok to safely pass cars and exit the property.
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Welcome Back Video

Important information about returning to the building for Hybrid

October Spirit Days

10/6 - Tie-Dye Tuesday

10/7 - PBIS Dance Party during Specials

10/14 - Wacky Wednesday

10/22 - Thoughtful Thursday

10/28 - Halloween Drive-through Parade!

Counselor's Corner

https://calendly.com/kdewitt to schedule an appointment

Click here to visit my virtual office

https://sites.google.com/wcasd.net/counseling-mh-services-site/home -Counseling and Mental Health Services Guide

In an effort to provide additional support for students and parents during remote learning, we’ve created a “Request for Academic Assistance” form for each of the WCASD schools. Students, parents and faculty may complete a form on behalf of a student who is struggling with attendance, work completion or social/emotional learning. This form will be reviewed by a member of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports Team (MTSS) and resources will be provided.

Oct 5, 2020

While we want to be sure all Hillsdale families are included in our community, families with their children in Cyber should know that much of the information I communicate here will be for Remote/Hybrid students and their families. There is a Cyber newsletter as well, for all things related to Cyber.

Half Days 10/13- 10/16

Students currently enrolled in Remote 2.0 will be having half days on Tuesday 10/13 through Friday 10/16. Instruction will occur between 9:00am - 11:00am. Teachers will communicate their specific schedule via SeeSaw and Schoology as they have been doing.


We are so excited to be welcoming students back to the building for Hybrid instruction! I know there has been a lot of information shared with parents. Here are some important highlights:

  1. Students are divided into two groups: Last names A - K (Mon & Tues) and L-Z (Thurs & Fri) *there are 2 exceptions in Nov* We are working to balance classes.
  2. ALL HDE students will be remote on Wednesday
  3. Learning Support and English Learners are invited to attend 4 days a week
  4. Student school day is 9:10 - 3:10
  5. We begin on Monday 10/19
  6. Students currently in Remote 2.0 will have the same teacher in Hybrid


As we prepare for in person learning, I wanted to remind parents of the requirements if your child(ren) require medication during the school day.

The following requirements must be met before any medication will be administered to your child while he/she is in the school setting. For the safety of all students, it is essential that all medications are stored in a locked cabinet in the Nursing Office. (See WCASD Board Policy 210, Medications)


  1. A Health Care Provider's (MD, DO, CRNP) written order for the nurse must accompany the medication, including date, time of medication, and dosage. A new order is required at the start of each school year. A pharmacy label and/or a stamped order do not meet the state requirements of a written HCP's signature. A new prescription order is also needed for any medication dosage or time change. When a medication is discontinued, we also request the parent/ guardian provide us with a written order from the Health Care Provider.

2. A parent/guardian note and/or signature, is required.

3. Medication must be clearly labeled in the original, most current container from the pharmacy and label must include:

a. Student's Name, Medication, Dosage

b. Instructions for Administration

c. Health Care Provider's Name

*We suggest the pharmacist supply two labeled containers, one each for home and school.


· A Health Care Provider's (MD, DO, CRNP) written order for the nurse must accompany any medication other than generic Tylenol, ibuprofen, antacids, and Benadryl for serious allergic reactions. (WCASD nurses already have standing orders for these medications from the district’s consulting physician).

· A parent/guardian signature requesting the medication administration with instructions must be provided.

· For your child’s safety, medication must be in the original, labeled container. The expiration date must be evident.

· Only over the counter medications, homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements described in the current edition of the PDR for non-prescription/homeopathic drugs will be administered.


Medications given less than 4 times/day should be administered at home, unless otherwise ordered by the Health Care Provider. Please notify your school nurse of any changes in your child's health status, so that they can provide the best care. Please include your child’s name, grade and teacher when communicating with the health office.

Thank you for your attention to this procedure.

Colette Dugan, MEd, BSN, RN, CSN

Certified School Nurse


Hillsdale Elementary (M-F – 484-266-2006) Fax-484-266-2099

Looking Ahead. . .

10/12 - NO SCHOOL

10/13 - 10/16 Remote 1/2 days; Full days for CYBER

10/19 - Begin Hybrid Learning A-K = Mon & Tues, L-Z = Thurs & Fri

10/24 - flu shot clinic at WC East HS

10/28 - Halloween Drive-Through parade


If your child is going to be absent for any reason - illness, appointment, vacation - please call the Safe Arrival Line 484-266-2010 and leave a message. When your child is returning to learning, please send an excuse note to Mrs. Fithian (sfithian@wcasd.net). Doctor’s notes are appreciated whenever you see a doctor due to illness.

If your child is going to stay home on one of their in-person days, please mark them as absent in Pick Up Patrol. Put in the notes if they are doing school from home.

Each student may take up to 5 vacation days per year, please email me (pmerten@wcasd.net) with vacation requests.

FREE E-Books for students

students log in with their WCASD credentials. (ex. wcasd/32mertenp@wcasd.net)

Volunteer Clearances

While we do not currently know the status of volunteers for the fall, please know that you can and should keep your clearances up to date! Click above for details.

Spanish Language Phone Line

Si usted prefiere comunicarse en español por favor llame al 484-266-1690 para contactarse con personal escolar.

(If you prefer to speak to a Spanish speaking operator, please call 484-266-1690 to connect with school personnel.)

Padres Latinos

A cultural bridge in the community for Spanish speaking families and our schools

PTO Website

Hillsdale School Directory, PTO Information, PTO Forms, and more!

Parent Handbook

Your one stop shop for all information related to Hillsdale.