Athen's government was very different, Athen's only let men be citizens. Women and slaves were not citizens. Every citizen over 18 is apart of the government. A group named the Council met everyday everyday and had over 500 people.

Stable Food Supply

In ancient Greece most people survived by farming so we are taking a trip to mountianous lands where it is a little harder to survive and grow crops.


For writing we are taking it back to the way that Rome was influencing Greeks. The Greek alphabet was adopted and then changed by the Etruscans. The Romans wrote in all capital letters.


There are several different types of art anywhere from building to metal to tiny pieces of paper. A lot of old art work comes from the greeks


For religion we will be going to Athen's and Sparta, these 2 places have very different religions. In my opinion I think Sparta is better than Athen's because of women's rights. For example in athen's women were not treated like citizens and did not have very many rights.

Social Structure

The daily life of an ancient Greek was very similar to our lives today. Of course, ancient Greeks did not smart phones or computers but they had a really organized city.
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One thing they used in ancient greece is a water mill and those were used kinda like how sinks are used now.