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September Edition

Gerber Union Elementary School District

The Mission of Gerber Elementary School is to team with families to create a college-oriented culture where students are safe, respected, and empowered to contribute in a global community.

September RIDDLE: What has hands but can not clap?

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We have had a great kick-off to the new school year! I would like to thank all stakeholders for supporting our school, volunteering throughout the year, and taking the time to help educate all of our students.

Our primary focus has been on building relationships as well as teaching and learning schoolwide expectations. Please ask your child what our school expectations are and help reinforce these at home and in the community. School rules are to be safe, responsible, respectful, and kind.

Enrollment: Approximately 380 students

Acknowledgments: Our August Employee of the Month is Renee Fletcher! Renee went above and beyond in August to kick off our year celebrating each other and focusing on being grateful for the little things in our lives. Thank you for nurturing our hearts Ms. Fletcher!! We appreciate everything you do for kids, staff and Gerber School!

September is Attendance Awareness Month. Getting your child to school on time each day is the best opportunity they have to learn. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between attendance and academic achievement. Students are at risk academically if they are chronically absent (missing 2 days a month or 10 percent of the school year). When a student has too many absences, it affects their learning, regardless of whether absences are excused or unexcused. Please prevent absences whenever possible and bring your child to school in between appointments.

Some Attendance Tips to Promote Student Learning:

  • Make sure your child keeps a regular bedtime and morning routine so they are rested, alert, and ready to learn when they get to school.

  • Turn off all electronics including TVs, phones, and tablets at bedtime.

  • Prepare backpack and clothes the night before.

  • Check with office staff if you are not sure about when to keep your child at home due to illness.

  • Avoid scheduling vacations or doctor’s appointments when school is in session.

  • Talk to teachers and counselors for advice if your child feels anxious about going to school.

  • Develop back up plans for getting to school if something comes up. Call on a family member, neighbor, or another parent if possible.


This month we are going to hold our third annual “Safety Week”. Students and staff will practice running a different safety drill each day of the week. Please talk to your child about the importance of being prepared in case of an emergency. Please see dates below to find out what is happening in September:

  • Safety Week- September 9th-13th

  • Picture Day- September 11th

  • Student of the Month Assembly- September 27th

Athletic Schedule:


  • September 5th, 3:45 @ Lassen View

  • September 10th, 3:45 (Home Game)

  • September 12th, 3:45 (Home Game)

  • September 17th, 3:45 @ Maywood

  • September 19th, 4:00 (Home Game)


  • September 3rd, 3:45 @ Los Molinos

  • September 5th, 3:45 @ Lassen View

  • September 10th, 4:00 (Home Game)

  • September 12th, 4:00 (Home Game)

  • September 19th, 4:00 @ Reeds Creek

  • September 26th, 4:00 @ Bend

Social and Emotional Learning is Essential to School and Life Success!!

  • What is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)?

    SEL - “Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.” -CASEL

    In Addition:

    SEL reflects the critical role of positive relationships and emotional connections in the learning process and helps students develop a range of skills they need for school and life. SEL skills include the ability to:

    • Set and achieve positive goals

    • Feel and show empathy for others

    • Establish and maintain positive relationships

    • Make responsible decisions

    • Understand and manage emotions

    All of these skills are necessary—both for educators and students—to function well in the classroom, in the community, and in college and careers.

    What can parents do at home to promote positive SEL?

    SEL Resources for Parents/Guardians

    Please view the following video for more information on SEL:

    SEL Informational Video (English)

    SEL Informational VIdeo (Spanish)

Nurturing Families of Tehama County

Gerber parents are invited to participate in Nurturing Parenting classes. These FREE classes are held every Thursday from 3pm-5pm and are being offered in English and Spanish. The class is normally held at Bridgeway Church but for the month of September, they are holding the class at 1860 Walnut Street, Red Bluff campus (Building G – Cottonwood Creek Room).

Parents can bring school age children ages 5-12 and a free meal will be provided too! Parents will also be awarded a Certificate of Completion when the 15 week class has been completed with no more than 3 unexcused absences.

For more information in English contact Mary Peek Holbrook at 530-527-8491 extension 3034 or email her at

For information in Spanish contact Fernando Villegas at 530-527-8491 extension 3034 or email him at

Tech Tip

Our teachers use Aeries for attendance and gradebooks. Aeries offers parent portal accounts so that you can keep track of your student's grades and missing assignments. This is especially useful if your student is in grades 4-8. If you haven't already signed up for a parent portal account, here is the information you will need.

1) Go to

2) Click on create new account

3) Make sure parent/guardian is checked and then click next

4) Enter your email address and create a password (you will need to enter each one twice), then click next

5) Check your email. You will receive an email from Within that email, click where it says "confirm this email address." It will take you back to Aeries where you will be prompted to login again.

6) After logging in, you will be asked for 3 things, the student's permanent ID number, home phone number, and a verification code. You can either send your student to see Mr. Cherry and he will provide the student with this information to send home to you, or you can reach out to him at for this information.