By: Brooke Hastings:)

Earths interior

what are the features of earths crust, mantle and core?

Earth can be divided into three main layers:the core, the mantle and the crust.each of these layers can further be divided into two parts.the inner and outer core,the upper and lower mantle,and the continental and oceanic crust.

How do geologists learn about earths interior?

Geologists have used two main types of evidence to learn about earths interior. direct evidence from rock samples and indirect from seismic waves.

Important vocabulary words to know

Basalt: A dark, dense, igneous rock with a fine texture, found in oceanic crust.Crust:The layer of rock that forms Earth's outer surface. Outer core: A layer of molten iron and nickel that surrounds the inner core of earth. Granite: A usually light colored igneous rock that is found in continental crust. Pressure: The force pushing on a surface divided by the area of that surface. seismic wave: Vibrations that travel through Earth carrying the energy released during an earthquake. Inner core: A dense sphere of solid iron and nickel at the center of the earth.Mantle: The layer of hot, solid material between Earths crust and core.
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