The Landlady!!

Roald Dahl - Altissimi Irene

Billy ran away!!!

"How amusing", she said "But come over here now, dear, and sit down beside me on the sofa and I'll give you a nice cup of tea and a ginger biscuit before you go to bed". Billy took the cup but the tea smelt like bitter almonds so, since the situation wasn't clear he decided to don't drink and decided to carry on the conversation. Billy didn't want to give up, he wanted remember where and why he heard those names. He continued to do many many questions to discover the true, but the landlady didn't answer. He was positive that he had seen them in te nuwspaper, in the headlines. Suddenly he remembered! These were the name of two missing people, on the newspaper was written that none saw them after their arrival. Billy resolved to tell nothing and to do the last question: "Did they leave fairly recently?". She answered: "Left? But my dear boy, they never left, they're still here". Billy perceived that the dog and the parrot didn't move all the time, so he decided to go to see the animals nearly: they were statics. The land lady said: "I stuff all my little pets myself when they pass away. But, why didn't you drink your tea?". Billy at the end of the sentence understood everything: the strange odor of the tea, the missin people, the pets stuffed!! He was terrorised, he wanted run away but he need an excuse!! He thought quickly and finally he said "Oh fascinating!! Sorry, but generally I drink the tea with the lemon.". The landlady stood up and went to the kitchen to take the lemon! Billy quicly ran away!!
Billy suddenly woke up, he was sweaty and frightened! Immediatly he understood that it was just a dream and the landlady doesn't exist! Now, relaxed, he resumes to sleep!