Kayla Hudson; Block 4

Fun Facts

  • Mercury is liquid at room temperature and it's melting point is -38.83 degrees Celsius and boiling point is 356.73 degrees Celsius
  • Mercury does not react with any bases under normal conditions
  • Mercury may be found with silver or in the earth's crust, but not in large quantities
  • Thermometers contain mercury, as well as other electronics and batteries, it is also used in advertising signs and in some types of paint and pesticides
  • Some compounds it can be found in is mercury difluoride and mercury oxide
  • Reactivity is not very high
  • There are only a few isotopes in some atoms of mercury

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Mercury is a very useful element with many interesting properties. Liquid at room temperature and used in so many different electronics. Mercury is also used in advertising signs, pesticides, and paints. Mercury is used a lot more than we give it credit for.