Bora Bora

Dawson Asher

The Bora Bora

My dream vacation is to go to Bora Bora.

It is located in French Polynesia.

I want to visit this place so i can relax and enjoy peace and quiet.

I think its so great because its on the water.

some interesting facts are its on the water its a peaceful place, middle of pacific ocean, made up of 3 villages, very small, romantic tropical island , best beach, 100 under water spices, best free, Hollywood destination, flowers can be used to show relationship.

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It will take me 14hr and 15min.

It is 4,883 miles away.

I will take my mom.

I will get there by plane.

I will stay for a month.


I will stay at the four seasons resort.

Its on the water and is very peaceful.

I will need to back a swimsuit and a pair of nice clothes.

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My trip will cost 6,000.

My spending money will be about 5,000 dollars.

The cost of my airfare will be 3,137.50.

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I will enjoy the peace and quite.

I will swim and enjoy the water.

I will also enjoy the food.

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image 1:four seasons resort bora

image 2:intercontinental Bora Bora

image 3: Bora Bora snorkeling excursions