The Other America

Social Groups

Suburb and City Migration

During the 1950's white, wealthy families moved from the busy inner cities to the suburbs to live a relaxing slower life style. While poor families usually African American, moved from the suburbs and country to the inner cities. This was due to after the war and the economy in American was back to a leisure spending style unlike during the war, now suburbs are a usual place to relax but still live a taste of the city life. This migration changed a lot of living styles for people in poverty and for the wealthy.
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Under Minimum Wage Jobs

During the 1950's Mexican Braceros were Mexicans that couldn't get a job in their country seeking fortune in The United States to support their family. When the Mexican Braceros came to the US they only got low rate jobs with high manual labor with low pay. The Braceros took away low rate jobs for some of the teenagers that wanted a starting job or to make a small amount of money for cheap yard work.
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